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VISA with usb device problem


VISA with usb device problem

I try to connect a usb device to lavview through the VISA tools, the device generate data in th form below, when I try the connection I got "time out expired" I tried to increas the time but it did not work. Any suggestions?

I attached the VI also

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Re: VISA with usb device problem

Have you tested it with a terminal emulation program such as Hyperterminal/Procomm/etc.? Are you sure you do not have to send a command to the instrument to initiate a measurement?


Why haven't you provided the make and model of the instrument? That's pretty important information. Can you provide the programming manual or a link to it?

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Re: VISA with USB device problem

The device has its own software for getting data, but I need to connect it to Labview because I have more than one device and I want to make them all in Labview.

I tried hyperterminal but nothing appeared. I do not think there are some initialization for the device.

I attached the manual here.

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Re: VISA with USB device problem

I'm not sure why you attached that document. Itr does not contain anything on the details of the serial communication protocol. Without that, you would have to use a serial port sniffer such as portmon and use the vendor's software to attempt to capture the actual details.

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Re: VISA with usb device problem

How you should program differs depending on the protocol that the device is using.


Virtual COMM port ?


any custom protocol?




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