Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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VISA settable attraibutes integer values

Hi Dennis.


Thank you.


You mentioned: "Memory leaks are up to you to prevent. 60000 bytes is not 'huge'. It's rather small in my experience and remember you only need that occasionally."

Thanks this confirmation helps.


You mentioned:

" When you do find out the specific instruments, determine whether it fits into one of the IVI classes and then search to whether a driver already exists. That is of course, if you decide IVI is what you want to use. 

Did you read anything at the IVI foundation link? IVI can be used with any programming language. The IVI-.NET specification would be especially suitable to Microsoft.NET, don't you think? "


Yes, I hope it will be helpful. Will confirm when I read thru it thoughroughly.

Also I can never know about instruments ahead of time.  Only give thing to me is the type of communication channel....USB, GPIB etc.


Thank you again,  and Happy New  Year !


I am currently stuck with a reference mismatch(?) type issue.


Thanks many


best regards



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