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VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF0015) Timeout expired before operation completed.

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We are using LabView to control a high voltage sequencer (HVS448LC 3000D) from LabSmith using LabView drivers from the power supply manufacturer. All is working well in our program (attached) until we try to use any other program on the computer at the same time. For example, if we try to open a window for our camera, or even a folder in Windows, the program gives the following error:


Error -1073807339 occurred at VISA Read in>>>Gated timed injections version

Possible reason(s):

VISA:  (Hex 0xBFFF0015) Timeout expired before operation completed.


We would like to be able to control the camera from its software and the power supply from LabView using the same computer, but we are unsure what could be causing this issue. We'd appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!

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You really shouldn't put a bunch of instrument commands in parallel.  Force an order of execution by using the error wire.  Serialize all commands to the instrument.  You could have one command interferring with another.

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Thanks - this helps. We have transferred the code to a sequence to force serial commands, and we can now run our camera with the program. We are having one problem though. We would like to have the option of manually injecting (by floating the voltage on Channel D) or having these injections occur with a regular period. In our earlier design (above) we achieved this using a case structure and elapsed time VIs. The same structure, however, is not working in our new version (attached). The single injection, when the upper case structure in the last frame is true, works great. However, when this is false, the program appears to execute the false case of the lower left case structure almost all the time, and only very briefly and regularly flips to the true command. We aren't sure why this code, which worked in our last version, does not work now?


Thank you again for your help!

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Hi MiKova00,


A good step to try is to run your VI in highlight execution mode so as to monitor how your application is running. In highlight execution mode you will be able to follow the flow of data which includes any inputs into your case structure. In order to put your VI in highlight execution mode, you can press the light bulb which is near your run button. If that is too slow, you can create an indicator for the inputs of your case structure, to see if your flow of logic is behaving as you expect.

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