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VISA GPIB class documentation

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I am looking for documentation on the properties and methods of the VISA GPIB class.  I have seen this previously on the NI site - a nice interactive documentation page - but can't find it now.  For example, Visual Studio intellisense shows that method IVisaSession.WaitOnEvent() has 5 overloads and I want to see what they are. What the arguments are. And be able to click the argument to see a description of the argument type, such as "EventType".  Where is this documentation?

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Update - I see that previously I was using NI488.2 .NET.  Now I'm using VISA (e.g. private IMessageBasedSession Lakeshore_Visa;).  I'm working in Visual Studio 2019; a Windows Forms project.

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Thanks for the reply (sorry for the delay, the system didn't alert me that someone had responded).  I'm looking for similar documentation for ivi.VISA.  I have used the NI488.2.NET stuff as shown in the link you provided, but in my latest project I somehow got on to using VISA - overall it just seems a bit simpler to implement (don't have to define and set up an object of type Board, for example).  However, I haven't been able to find documentation that defines the various methods, and their arguments and overloads, that are available for the ivi.VISA type IMessageBasedSession.  Or am I just confused and this is really a Windows thing and not an NI thing?

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