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VISA Connection with Non-NI Hardware

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Hi all, I am having some connection issues with a piece of hardware which I have. I will try to be as specific as I can but due to the nature of what it is, i'll have to keep the hardware vague. I can talk to it over UDP fine and am receiving messages. I have used NI-MAX to connect to it via Port 22 which gives me the hardware's SSH data. Not what I need however. I have used the VISA connection panel, and It can "See" the instrument with the port that I know is the communications port (51000). However when i try to connect, it gives me an error saying it can't connect. When I use the Listener VI, I can see that it opens a communications link via Tera Term (Shell programme). Which is what I want but then when I try to open a connection via a "open TCP connection" VI. it comes back with an error. (*Will insert Error number). So it seems to be able to listen for connection and then opens it but then can't do anything once it's open. I've tried using the LabVIEW examples for TCP connections to get it working but i can't seem to get past the the first hurdle. It refuses to open a link and so i can't even send any data. I've got wireshark up and running and it's showing that I am not sending or receiving anything over the link, even when the listener does open a link. Again, I know it's vague and there's no VI associated but i'm hoping it may just be my mistake rather than there being an issue with the hardware which doesn't like labVIEW.. Cheers
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I'll reply to myself as the fault wasn't with the TCP connection... Mostly.

The hardware wanted to read ascii characters so I had to take my string of hex characters, and translate it into ASCII characters and send that through.

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specify the model and vendor of the non-ni hardware could be better.

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This is an excellent tutorial to VISA based instrument control -

Soliton Technologies

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That is an excellent video and will come in handy to make the comms more robust in what i am making

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