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Vötsch VCL 7010 - ASCII-2 interface protocol

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I have the same problem as you, too. I'm trying to control a VTS 7060-5 via RS232 and the ASCII-2 protocol. It's even no problem to set nominal values of the temperature or the humidity, but I'm even not able to control the digital ports (especially I want to controll the "Start" signal too).

I have read a lot of posts so far and still got no clue what's wrong.

I  tried to change the control mode on the touch panel, but in every mode I was able to change nominal values via LabVIEW, but still not the digital ports.



Does anybody here found a cause or a way to handle it just with the ASCII-2?


And thank you for all the informations so far!





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I got another question: How did you managed it to use both types of the ASCII protocol?


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The "Start" signal indicates if a cycle is running and can't be set directly with a specific command.


  • Start a cycle : $xxPyyyy<CR>
  • Stop a cycle : $xxP0000<CR>

with xx = address of the chamber and yyyy = number of the cycle



According to the protocol, there is no command to set the digital outputs. You have to configure them when editing the cycle (with S!MPATI).


I suggest you to contact Vötsch for further details.



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In the manual mode via Touchpanel I can set the digital channel "Start". Then the clima chamber starts heating or cooling according to the nominal value.


The string to set nomial values refering to the ASCII-2 protocol looks like this:


  • $01E 0023.0 0050.0 0080.0 0000.0 0000.0 0000.0 0000.0 011 01010101010101010101010101010 <CR>

So why should/can I send the state of the digital channels in the Edit-String, when I can't change them there?

That makes no sense for me.


I already contacted Vötsch with that question.


Thanks for your reply.

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I don't know why, but now my system works.


I contacted Vötsch and the Service gave me the clue to look up what my system is able to do by sending the string $xx?<CR>.

The systems output were examples for E- and I-Strings. I used the example of the E-String and it worked.

Afterwards I sent the string I was using before and it works too.


So I don't know what was wrong, but I works.


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Interesting. Thank you for the feedback.

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Dear Moonrat,


May I please ask you to share your library with me?

I am trying to control VCL 4010, VT37006 and VTV 4060 using ASCII-2 protocol.

But apprently the device does not want to respond to me.


Kind Regards

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I have the same problem, too.

My climatic chamber VT4021 didn't work with this string.


$01E 0050.0 0000.0 0000.0 0000.0 0000.0 0000.0 01000000000000000000000000000000 <CR>


After I set the Value for setting Fan speed to 100%, it will be work. 


$01E 0050.0 0000.0 0100.0 0000.0 0000.0 0000.0 01000000000000000000000000000000 <CR>


Kind Regards

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 I am encounterig similar problems please help me also

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Because the original post is two years old, I would recommend making a new post for more visibility!



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