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Using local variables to "clean up" diagram

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I have attached a photo with red circles indicating my use of local variables to "clean up" a block diagram. Would I run into any issues doing this? Can I leave this task and error unwired?



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The photo may have not attached:

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No image but using locals as a way to clean up messy programming is NOT desirable. You are just making things worse. Numerous, numerous threads on why you should minimize/eliminate the use of locals.

Have you taken any of the free tutorials?
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I have completed Core 1 + 2 but haven't done any tutorials beyond that. 


I will take out the local variables and look up those threads for further explanation. 




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I see the image now. You probably won't have any problems except possibly with the set local but the others just seem like lazy coding, sorry to say. Also, the use of the VISA Bytes at Serial Port is generally incorrect if the instrument sends a termination character.
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Accepted by topic author sarahzig

I see some possibly really bad race conditions with your VISA Resources.  For instance, if Task Out 3 is empty (by default), it is likely that the local to read will happen before the local to write.  What this will turn into is you loosing your VISA Reference in the shift register.  Use wires.  Locals very rarely clean up your diagram.

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Consider putting all functions relating to the DAQmx task in a Action Engine.  Cleaner top level code. 

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Thanks for the explanation - I'll take out the local variables.



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