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Using Thunderbolt on PXIe-8301 for control by multiple computers

I'm looking for a solution for using a desktop to connected to a PXIe-8301 Thunderbolt controller in a chassis. But then have the ability to to connect a laptop, also using Thunderbolt, and control the chassis via the laptop.


Is this possible using the PXIe-8301?




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Hi Ed,

Please correct me if I misunderstood.
Are you asking if you can daisy-chain two hosts and a chassis with PXIe-8301? 

i.e. Desktop ----> Laptop with two Thunderbolt ports ----> Chassis with PXIe-8301 

Where the arrows are all Thunderbolt links. 

In this situation, the Desktop will see the Laptop via Thunderbolt Networking, but it will not be able to see the PXIe-8301. The Laptop will see the Desktop via Thunderbolt Networking, but it will also see and control the PXIe-8301 (and Chassis) on its other port.

Please let me know if this answers your question.

Best regards,

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It sounds to me like the intent is for dual masters of the chassis.  One port of the PXIe-8301 connects to a desktop, the other connects to a laptop.  Is that right?


If so, they can't both link to the PXIe-8301 simultaneously.  The first host (desktop or laptop) that links to the PXIe-8301 can control the chassis.  The other link won't do anything. 


You can leave both connected if only one is running at a time, or the one you want to use is booted first.


- Robert

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Thank you for the replies,


The intention is for the desktop to be the 'local' control of the chassis, but when it's needed a user can rock up to the system, plug in their laptop and then gain control of the chassis. So both the computer and laptop connected via each of the 2 Thunderbolt 3 connections.


It sounds as if this can work as long as when I want to plug in the laptop I need to ensure that the desktop is shut down, since both can't control the chassis at once?






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You've got it.  If the desktop is shut down (or the Thunderbolt cable unplugged) then the laptop can be plugged in to take control of the chassis via the other port on the PXIe-8301.


- Robert

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