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Using NI Zeroconf/mDNS for non-NI devices

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I need to discover zeroconf devices on the network. I see that NI VISA uses some sort of mdns. Perhaps dns-sd. Is it possible to access this functionality within labview or CMD to list all devices? 


It would be nice because then I wouldn't need to install Bonjour or create my own application using ZeroConf C# library.

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Hi Heartbeat, 



What device are you trying to detect? and what bus will be used to communication with it? There are NI hardware versions of this like here and here but it sounds like these are 3rd party?


Let us know how you get on,




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I didn't get NI visa to discover my devices with a custom protocol name. Use Zeroconf C# library or dns-sd (not recommended by Apple).  

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