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Using Chroma A615003 with 6160x

I am trying to use the Chroma 61604 in conjunction with a Chroma 615003 AC transformer to acheive 480Vac. I cannot figure out how to enable the A615003 programatically. The 61604 user manual only lists low, high ,and auto ranges. I need to enable 600V range, which I can do manually, on the 61604. When I manally go to 600V range, the A615003 is enabled automatically. Does anyone here have experience with this? 



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Ditto.  The lousy docs for the Chroma A615003 led me to believe that perhaps TRANSFORM was an allowable alternative to the LOW/HIGH/AUTO arguments to the VOLTAGE:RANGE command, but no dice.  Did you find a solution?

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I figured out half of the problem.


"SOURCE:VOLTAGE:RANGE HV" is the command corresponding to the front panel Setup menu "RANGE= 600V" setting.

We reverse-engineered this by setting it via the front panel, then doing "SOURCE:VOLTAGE:RANGE?".


As for the command corresponding to the front panel Output menu "HIGH VOLTAGE OPTION = A615003" setting, I'm still in the dark.

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I arrived at the same point, by the same means, that you are now. Chroma tells me there is no command to set the High Voltage option. It has to be done manually. While I think it's odd there is no way to do so, I am not seeing any problems in my application leaving it in this range all the time. 

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Bummer. I'm writing a manufacturing test and I like being able to do a *RST at the beginning of the test so the device is always in a known configuration. But of course that wipes out the manual config of the thing there's no way to configure programmatically... Sigh.

I've got a support case open with Chroma. I'll let you know if I hear something different than they told you.
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Success!  Thanks to Chroma Support Engineer Son Pham, who followed through all the way and found the command which doesn't appear to be in the docs for either the Chroma 61600 Programmable AC Sources or the Chroma A615003 AC Transform Unit.


In order to set the output of your Chroma AC source to higher than 300V:




You must first set the range to High Voltage:




But before doing that, you must first configure the AC source to know that the transformer is present:




These last three commands didn't make it into the docs that came with either my 61601 or my A615003.

Hopefully Chroma remedies that in the future.


John Wiedey

Digital Lumens


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