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Unrecognized PXI-8232 GPIB/ENET card



I recently installed a PXI-8232 card into my PXI-1036 RT Chassis. MAX is not recognizing the card was there. I installed NI-488.2 RT 3.1.2 onto the RT chassis but still no luck with recognition. MAX does find something called PXI-GPIB "GPIB0" under "Devices and Interfaces" but when I click on that, everything that could possibly help ("Scan For Instruments", "Interactive Control", "GPIB Analyzer", even the NI-488.2 Troubleshooting utility from the right-click menu) is grayed-out.  The card is in slot 3, but as evidenced in the second image, MAX doesn't see it. Any suggestions?


Thank you!


GPIB problems.PNG


GPIB problems 2.PNG

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Hi zack.deland,


Can you upload a MAX Technical Report?


Instructions to do so can be found here:


Also, is your controller a Real-Time controller? 


How do you have your PXI system connected to your computer?



Joel I.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I'm actually having the exact same problem!


My PXI has the RTOS on it.


Also my PXI is connected to my computer via ethernet.


The GPIB just will not show up with a VISA alias no matter what I do.


Please help!



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