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Unisource EDC-1630 problems

Now we plan to develop a auto measure system using GPIB with the EDC-1630 meter, but unfortunately we could not find the programmer’s manual or something related with this kind of device, god, where to find a copy of it or some source codes using GPIB or VISA?


Thanks very much

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Hello Luhero,
      Have you managed to contact the instrument's manufacturer in order to request a programmer's manual?  If your device conforms to the Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation (SCPI), you will have a basic set of commands to start using immediately (such as *IDN?) if you have to wait on the manufacturer.


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I know nothing about EDC 1630 now.

I use ADLINK'S PCI3488 to communicated with 1630. PCI3488 provides binary compatibility with the NI-488.2 driver software, and VISA library support is also provided.

now i have the visa.dll and gpib-32.dll and also a XP system. could i complete the task with these files if 1630 supports the SCPI?

& what must I install first in my computer?


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Hello Luhero,
       The SCPI command set is fairly limited, but it is a great starting point for you to become familiar with your instrument.

  It is crucial that you obtain the programmer's manual for your instrument. 

        I am not familiar with using Non-NI GPIB products, but if you have a NI-GPIB card, and install NI 488.2, it will also install Measurement and Automation Explorer, with which you can configure your card and test the connection with your instrument(s).

I recommend that you talk to Adlink to obtain more information about installing software for their GPIB card, and see about getting steps to test the installation.

       Take a look at the Developer Zone for GPIB examples in the programming language of your choice, to get a general idea of how to start controlling your instrument.  There are also plenty of great GPIB examples already included with LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, and Measurement Studio.

Generally the order of installation will be your development environment, any additional toolkits, and then any drivers.  This generally involves running an installer, and not just importing a dll.

Let us know how your quest for information from the manufacturers goes.


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