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Unfamiliar physical channel

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I am working with a ULx labviw driver for a DAQ device from Measurement Computing.  The LabVIEW driver calls a DLL.  For one of the routine, a physical input is required.  However, it is not a daqmx physical channel input.  It is something else.  I check on he input, and I see a tag that follows it.  What type of input is that?  I can't find it in LabVIEW, and I can't create it.  I can only copy it from another program and paste it to my program.  See picture.




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  1. It is part of your ULX driver, it probably is a typedefinition just like the daqmx but different and part of ULx
  2. You should try to right click and eventually click open typedef.
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Thanks!  That pointed me to the correct direction.  I found a llb that contains the control.  However, it is only a control, but not a type def, so I didn't know that the control was stored in a llb until you pointed me to the direction.  I attached the controls llb, and I attached another llb that uses the controls.  I have some more questions.


1. What type of control is that?  I am trying to find it on the pallatte, but I can't.  It is bothering me :<  If I want to create another one, how do I do that?  

2. If you put a vi from the Create Channel.llb on a new vi and right click on the physical channels terminal to create a new control, you will realize you can't do that?  What's going on?  


It seems to me that the driver that I am using is kind of odd.  



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It looks like MCC is defining a part of the control functionality in a .NET assembly- I don't have the dll installed)

to get these controls to show up on the palatte you need to import them.

Tools: Import: .NET Controls to Palatte.. and browse to the dlI  I'd show pictures but this silly machine doesn't have flash ....yetSmiley Sad


Edit- That went faster than I thought it would

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For #1, it looks like a Visa Resource name control. Right click on front panel, select I/O pallette, then Visa Resource.



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Hi Jeff,


I tried your tip, and I am getting an error that says "you must have the .net framwork 2.0 or later to use .net function and applicatino.  Refer to the Microsoft Web site at ...."


I don't understand this error, because my computer has Microsoft .NET Framwork 4.  




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I think it is different than the one that I am seeing.  The one that I am see is not visa based.  More on the .Net side.


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Accepted by topic author jyang72211

Intsall >NET.  Then install NI-VISA (to provide support for .... yada yada)


Sounds like driver support was installed before ,NET so support for .NET would not be installed

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Hi Jeff,


Are you saying that I need to insert my LabVIEW driver's installation DVD and install .NET?  Thanks!


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I am using the exact same driver and I have no problem at all right clicking and selecting ' Create control'.
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