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USBTMC Missing Drivers

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I am attempting to connect and install a USBTMC-compatible device (a BK Precision 9115) to a work PC which sits on a network with no internet access.  According to both the Readme on BK Precision's website and NI-VISA, all I should have to do is install NI-VISA, plug in the device via USB, and the drivers should automatically be installed and I should see the device in NI-MAX.  However, this is not working for me.


The Windows Device Manager shows that an unknown USB device is connected but cannot locate any drivers for it.  I have attempted to point it to the various install locations for NI-VISA, expecting drivers to be there, but it finds none.  Similarly, the device does not show up in NI-MAX, and even the NI-VISA Driver Wizard does not detect the USB device.  I've even installed the LabVIEW Drivers in instr.lib for the device, and they show up in the NI Package Manager.


Does the PC require internet access to download and install some other drivers?  Are there other NI drivers I need to install somewhere?  BK Precision's product page does not have a Windows Drivers download (again, the Readme says it should just auto-install).  Any help here would be appreciated.


The PC is Windows 7.

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The unknown device in Device Manager wasn't even the power supply.  The power supply has some setting where you have to manually go into its settings menu and change it to USB communication.


That's all it took.

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