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USB to RS232/4 suddnely not recognized

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Hello everyone.


I used USB to RS232/4 which connected to two measuring devices two weeks ago. But now, USB to RS232/r is not recognized as a USB port with out knowing why it is recognized only as a USB hub. It is recognized as a USB hub, but it confirmed to have not been migrated. When I checked in MAX,  USB to RS232/4 related ports do not appear. Also, when USB to RS232/4 is connected to the computer, the indicator that appears on the ready side does not appear. I used another computer to confirm that checked USB to RS232/4 product does not have any problems.

What should I do in order to use USB to RS232/4 without any problems like 2 weeks ago?



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I would first try another USB port.  After that, I would try a repair on NI-Serial.

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If the device has a separate USB plug (typically a printer cable or USB-A to a USB-B), then try a different cable first.  It is not uncommon for these cables to break when handled.

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Thanks to you both. 


I solved the USB to RS232/4 recognition problem quickly thanks to your answers.

First, I try to change another USB to RS232/4 and change the another USB port, but it did not recognize.

Finally, after trying to install NI-Serial, I confirmed that the USB to RS232/4 is recognized properly as before.





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