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USB HID Device LabWindows 9.0 Communication

Work with a testing machine that uses PC with windows 2000 and LabWindows CVI 9.0 I have to communicate with a device under test via USB HID to verify its correct functioning. I found this example code  that does not run in my version of LabWindows (created for LabWindows 2010). Since it is not possible for me to update the testing machine, there is someone who can give me an example that I can use with my version of LabWindows?

Thanks in advance.

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Can you install trial version of LabWindows 2010 or newer and then save the project for LabWindows CVI 9 ?

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Thanks for your support. I followed your suggestions. I tried to compile the code for LabWindows 9.0, but on my os (Win2000) some header files are missing and the compile fails. The link is very interesting, i will try it.

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