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Tulip.dll not in passport list

Jumping in to say same issue.


Edited to add that the issue resolved itself with the magical file found here:

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Since the batch file wasn't working for me, I looked at the packages I had in my ProgramData folder and found a Tulip package version 17 and 19. I finally got the batch file working by pointing it to a specific package (version 19) on my system. I changed the batch file to point to that specific file. Before it was probably grabbing the first file it found which was an older version. See text below in red for the changes I made to the file.


mkdir "%temp%\tulip"
copy "%programdata%\National Instruments\NI Package Manager\packages\ni-visa-passport-tulip_19.0.0.49152-0+f0_windows_all.nipkg" /B "%TEMP%\tulip\tulip.nipkg" /B
"%programfiles%\National Instruments\NI Package Manager\nipkg.exe" unpack "%TEMP%\tulip\tulip.nipkg" "%TEMP%\tulip"
msiexec /I "%TEMP%\tulip\data\NIVISATulipPassport.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL

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Thanks for your finding. Modifying bat file as you suggested worked for me.

NI should recognize your efforts.

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