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Timeout Error when using NI GPIB-USB-HS with Laptop to Yokogawa AQ6370C

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Hi everyone, 


I am having difficulty communicating with a Yokogawa AQ6370C optical spectrum analyzer. I want to do this via a NI GPIB-USB-HS from the instrument to my laptop. I am able to find it on NI MAX, but I am unable to control my instrument. I have done a million things to try to troubleshoot this problem, with no luck. 

This list includes:

1. Reinstalling NI-VISA and 488.2

2. Yes, all of my software drivers, etc are compatible (using the charts on the NI site)

3. Changing "timeout" in I/O settings to 30 seconds (pic 3) as instructed by the OSA's manual (pic of these instructions included just for fun- pic 6)

4. Checking if the instrument needs termination characters. The remote control manual does not even mention the phrase "termination characters," so I am assuming this is a no. Also, I tried them anyways just in case - no luck. 

5. I set the I/O protocol to high speed since I have a new HP Precision laptop, and one NI FAQ said this could be an issue some how ??

6. When I first click on my instrument from the NI MAX list of connected devices, it states "The instrument did not respond to the *IDN? command. Refer to the instrument's programming manual to determine if this command is supported." (see pic 2), but the manual says this is a compatible command.

7. The device status says the device is working properly (pic 7).

8. The NI GPIB-USB-HS is connected to port 1, like it instructs in the manual for PC remote control. 


No matter what I try, I keep getting this error (pic 1).


Any help is greatly appreciated as I've been working through this for 2 days now. 

Thanks so much!!




















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My first step would be to set gpib speed to 1 microsecond instead of high speed.

Not all instruments are high speed. And depending on distance and total number of instruments with several gpib cables I also would bring the speed down.


If things are working in low speed I would try higher speds only if needed.

greetings from the Netherlands
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Hi, thanks for the reply. Where would I set it to 1 microsecond?


I tried putting it in both "normal speed" and "high speed" under the I/O protocol in the I/O settings tab. I got the same error in both instances. Thanks!

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This unit has two GPIB connectors on the back.  Depending on how this is being used will determine which port is to be connected.  According to the manual, GP-IP2 will NOT respond to SCPI commands/queries.  See section 1.1 in the manual.  Additionally, you will need to ensure that the 'LF' character is appended to each command/query.

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Good catch Minions.


But to answer the timing question

In the GPIB settings under advanced you find bus timing.

Slowest is 1 microsecond, my default in the picture is 500ns.2021-03-02 18_37_41-NI GPIB-USB-HS _GPIB0_ - Measurement & Automation Explorer.jpg

greetings from the Netherlands
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Thank you so much!!! Setting it to 1 microsecond worked. Here is my new settings for those who have the same issue. I appreciate everyone's help!




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