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Time synchronization



Is it possible to get serial data and accelerometer data at the same time?  

time synchronization? 


I made two codes to get serial and accelerometer data separately.


I use NI cRIO and NI 9870 


Thank you. 

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What do you call same time?

scale? s, ms, µs, ns or ps?


My general answer would be NO, but you might get an good estinate 😉


What is hooked up to the serial ?


Since the device that is conneted via RS232 has its own clock, that differs from your Rio clock, you will need some extra sync lines or do some interpolation. Good time stamping would be one way.


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Thank you for your reply 🙂 



I want to set the same time when data comes in. 

I attached serial and accelerometer data that I got. 


I sent serial data from MATLAB just for a test, but my final goal is sending the moving position of a Robotic total station. 


Thank you so much


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