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The name you entered is invalid message

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This morning we had a corrupt DAQmx data base problem ((Hex 0x8004030F) Thie configuration database cannot be opened, posibly due to corruption) on one of our testers.

I was able to backup the configuration and i selected "Tools > Reset Configuration data" and restarted the computer as suggested.

After restarting the pc i want to rename the 4070 device "PXI1Slot5" to "PXI6::15::0::INSTR"  i get an errormessage "There was a problem saving the settings for this device. The name you entered is invalid".

I don't now why this is not allowed. I am allowed to change it into "Test" for instance but i am not allowed to change it into "PXI6::15::0::INSTR". 

Does anyone now what to do in this case ?

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i solved my own problem 😁

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