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The device did not respond to a*IDN? query.

We got a problem.



We were using 4140B and we tried to change our computer to new one, but in that process, we faced an error.

When we used it before, it worked well.

However after change the computer, it doesn' t work.

So we tried to re-change it to the old computer again, and it also didn't work.




Opened a program 'Measurement and Automation Exploror' and GPIB0 then we could receive the address,

but we couldn't find the exact name of the machine.


I receive the following error: 

The device did not respond to a*IDN? query


Correct GPIB address: 14


I am using PCI-GPIB connect to PC 





We are using 4140B.


Do we need any program to fix it? or is it serious error?

We'd like to thank you if we can fix it as soon as possible.






HP4140B를 사용하고 있던중 4145B를 구입하여 4140b 에 있던 GPIB 케이블은 빼서 4145b에 연결하여  통신이 되었는데 ..
다시 케이블을 빼서 4140B에 연결하여 장비 검색을 해보니
값에는 주소가 제대로 나오는데
설명에 -the device did not respond to a idn query 란 메세지가 뜹니다.
그리고 장비와 통신을 누른후 쿼리를 눌렀더니

iberr = EABO

EABO 는 I/O 작업이 취소되었음을 의미합니다. 이는 주로GPIB 읽기 이후의 타임아웃 조건 때문입니다. 장비에서 읽기 이전에, 보내려 하는 명령이 장치에 의해서 인식이 되는지, 데이터를 출력 버퍼에 위치시키도록 하는지 확인하십시요.  장치의 명령어 문법에 대한 정보는 장비 생산자측의 사용자 문서를 확인하십시요.

라는 메세지가 뜨네요

초짜라 어떻게 해야되는지 도무지 감이 안옵니다. 도와주세요~







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The 4140B is an older instrument. Older instruments did not always implement the standard SCPI commands. MAX sends out the *IDN? command to try to identify the instruments. If the instrument does not implement that command then you will see that. This is normal. The fact that there's something there at the address indicates there's something there on the bus. You can call up the VISA interface panel and communicate with the instrument, but you would need to look at the instrument's programming manual to determine the commands.


Do you have the drivers?

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