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Tektronix MSO 5 Series is communication error

Hello .


I programming Visual Studio 2015 c# with Tektronix Scope MSO 5 Series


I send and receive data through the oscilloscope and LAN communication.


After about a day of testing that loads data into the scope at 0.2 second intervals, the communication ends automatically and does not reconnect with the scope.

It communicates through Ivi.Visa.IMessageBasedSession and executes Clear whenever waveform information is loaded.


If the communication is dirty, the connection will not work even through NI-MAX, but the scope will work fine.

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Have you tried looking up for a driver provided by Tektronix ?

Also, could you please clarify what you mean by the dirty communication? Do you mean that the the data stops getting loaded (and you don't get Clear message) ?

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Thanks for the message.


The Techtronix oscilloscope MSO5 series firmware is",

NI-Visa.dll Version is 20.0.0


The meaning of dirty communication is that MSO5 acquisition data is OK, but communication via NI-Visa.dll is not possible.


When MSO5 Scope is restarted, communication through NI-Visa.dll is possible.


Thank you.

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From what I've been looking for, it seems that the oscilloscope mode is set to Talker mode.

Is there any way to set the Talker/Listener Mode?

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Which environment are you using to set the connection? Have you checked for available examples for connecting Tektronix (e.g. existing examples with Labview?) 

The Talker/Listenner modes are set through GPIB communication. This may be useful for you.  GPIB Messages - NI

Could you send the code you are using for the communication?


Although I think you are having memory shortage problems, if the communication is fine for a while , and it stops only after hours of acquisition.





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