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Talking to same model instruments over the GPIB bus


I'm building a front panel interface for two Agilent E4435B signal generator that need to work together over the GPIB bus.  One generator is a jammer and the other is the modulated signal.  I would like to use one front panel to talk to both generators but I'm having trouble with getting both GPIB address so I can use them in the program.  I'm have done this before for single instrument but not sure how to handle two VISA address so I can switch between the two on one front panel.  Any suggestions or examples someone can point me to.



Gary Tyrna


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Why can't you just use the pulldown on the VISA Resource Name control to switch?

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Hi Gary, 


When using two GPIB devices, you need to program your application so that your devices are synchronized. That is, you do not want two reads/writes occurring at the same time. There is a good example of this (and accessing two addresses) in the Example Finder. In your VI, go to Help -> Find Examples... and then search for an example called "Basic 2 Port Serial Write and". This example should help you to get started. Best of luck,  



Julianne K
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