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THS3034 Tektronix oscilloscope not detected in NI MAX

I am trying to connect a THS3034 Tektronix oscilloscope to LabVIEW....When I connect the scope to the PC through the USB port, the device is not detected.. I have installed the necessary  drivers for the scope...I have connected the scope to COM7...The Scope is detected as a USB device in the device manager in Windows.. But it is not detected as a USB device in NI MAX...Why is the USB port appearing as a Serial port in NI MAX ? Any suggnestions would be helpful. error_scope.PNG 

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Check the user manual. It supports USB Virtual Com port only.

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is there some way to connect this scope to LabVIEW?

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The link below tells me it is possible to detect how the tek supported driver works by debugging what is passed on the serial data. But because no programming manual is available it will probably not be easy.

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@Anupama07 wrote:

is there some way to connect this scope to LabVIEW?

Use VISA to connect to COM7 and treat it like a serial port.  That is the point of the Virtual Serial Port driver.

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