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Serial device name is not /dev/ttyS? (Linux)

A Hardware Module (PSI9010) I need, trys to access serial ports with the 'Open Serial'. My System is a CPCI Computer with Linux (SuSE8.2) and LabVIEW 6.0. The used VI reads a file named serpdrv. By default the device name of serial ports on Linux are named like '/dev/ttyS?' with '?' a number from 0 to 23. And like that they are defined in the serpdrv File, I think. I've found it hardcoded (with a hexviewer). But on my system (CPCI) they are named '/dev/ser2_?' with '?' a number from 0 to 63. Is there a way to change 'serpdrv' or is there an other usable solution. The module gives error 37. (I've read Doc 25OF9TUZ and this is not the solution)

Thanks for your Help.
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I haven't found a way to configure the serpdrv. However, you could make your own ttyS* device files. The name of the device really doesn't matter. The important parameter is the major number that is assigned to the name. This is what Linux uses to link the device file name with the actual driver. Check out this chapter from the Serial-HOWTO: What Are The Names Of The Serial Ports?.

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