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Serial data between Shimmer and myRIO



I posted my question multiple times on the forum but I think I could find the answer here.

For my project I am using PmodBT2 bluetooth module to connect between NI myRIO and SHIMMER sensing device. After connecting them I want to stream data from the Shimmer to the myRIO, for that I used NI VISA with some commands. However, the data I am recieving is meaningless -as attached- and need to be organized. The Shimmer device is using firmwares that are documented as follows but I could not understand everything and get use of it.

The readme files below show the data format as well.


LogAndStream firmware:

BtStream firmware:


Please find attached the simple program I used to stream data. 




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Hi T2dei,


Would it be possible to simplify your code even further in order to test basic functionality? Can you perform simple reads? Writes? Also, could you provide a little more information on your UART connection(s)? What do these interfaces look like with the intermediate hardware?

Ross S.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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The code I'm using is as simple as possible but I added some comments to indicate what is happening. 

Also, I have attached a picture showing the hardware UART connection described in NI myRIO project guide section 31, 

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I suppose we are at least getting some data from what I’m assuming is the Shimmer sensor. Besides the two links you provided above, do you know of any other documentation that might provide some insight on what we should expect to see from the sensor? Do you have a model/part number for that device as well?

Ross S.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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