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Sending multiple commands in Visa to Initialize Autowave


I am trying to  Automate test LV-124 in Labview. I am using two machines called Autowave and VDS200Nx by Emtest.
My aim:
1. sending commands to call test files
2. Run the test on the Device under the test (DUT)

But I cannot find any driver for these two machines. I have contacted the manufacturer. no Luck.

I am trying to send multiple commands as strings to the machine. I am new to LabVIEW.  I am trying to send strings commands with VIsa write and read.
Anyone who worked with them before. OR could tell me how to initialize autowave and download the test files.  It would really help to know the proper functions to send and read the answer from the machine. So to say interprete the data sent back to me.

So far i am only getting proper answer for *IDN?
PS: i am including the remote control manual here

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First thing, commands for this instrument are not simple as SCPI used by typical instruments, so it's not going to be as easy.


You would need to add STX, ETX, and even compute the checksum (in pg.10)



For your original question of calling a test file, it is described in pg.11




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LabVIEW + TestStand + TestStand Semiconductor Module (2013 - 2020)
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Hello Santhosh,


If I ask Status by STAT?OUT1 and I want to see the answer in my VI, IS it possible? My question is what kind of Data does VISA gives us Through GPIB. I would like to SEE this

for example

the Answer STATOUT1:13,0,0,0,0,0.00-1

Best Regards

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If you don't see an answer, maybe you don't send the complete command.

So please send your vi with the content that you send, with your question.


You can make all values default before you save your vi in the edit of the front panel.

In that case all manual filled in controls will have their values filled in again when loaded.

greetings from the Netherlands
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As I mentioned in my earlier post, it is not just the command you need to send, you need to prepend and append certain characters and even compute the checksum. Hope my below implementation helps you understand how it should be done (completely based on what your manual says)



Similarly, the answer you get back is also not just the answer but with additional characters.


For example, in the highlighted command (note the additional framing characters in <>) there are multiple formats of answers, each type of answer has its own special characters that you must recognise.


Again, you'll not get the < > symbols but predefined characters for that values, it might look gibberish.

One more example, in order to send "LCN?" you have to send it as shown below (see the box character, empty space at the beginning and an <at the end?)




Semiconductor Validation & Production Test
Soliton Technologies
LabVIEW + TestStand + TestStand Semiconductor Module (2013 - 2020)
NI STS for Mixed signal and RF
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Hello all,


Since i am new in labview I could use a little insight to this code. Feel free to crticize or write suggestions on how to do it properply.  I have attached the manual files containig commands before.


At the moment,

1) i am trying to send two commands with 250ms delay between the to the machine and write the reply into the text file.


Later on

2) I want to send the Comamnds for the initilization example part of the manual



The subvi Formating is from Santhosh. Thanks for that.


Best regards


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Hello all,

Disregard my earlier post!!!!!!


Since I have recived IVI driver for the Autowave but not  For VDS. So, I have decided to the inialize VDS through Visa. but The problem is I know almost nothing about IVI drivers. after doing some basic reading and looking at the drivers themselves i am finding it hard to use them.


These are my aims:

1)intilize Autowave

2) Set VDS200N30 as output. 

3)Iniltilize VDS200N30

4)download and Run a test wave file save the outputs in a test file


 so far I got an Idea how to Start with initilization of VDS .

But I have no Idea how to initialize the Autowave through or Set VDS200N30 at Output channel through IVI driver If anyone has previously worked with them before let me, please let me know how to get started with these. I have attached the drivers here, so if you can make a little example which sends commands like STAT?SYST and STAT?MAC for intilization. That would give me a headstart. 

Best regards









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Hello everyone,


I have some progress since my last post. Here is my code below. I have uploaded the used driver  before.

my Labview project file VW80000 is upload here. My Main VI is the Initilizing test. 


1)Case structure1: I am asking for the Machine address and setting output to VDS200N30


2) case structure2: That is to Initilize the VDS200N30


3)Case structure3: That is to start the test and give the name when is done. I am calling a wave file(.wsp) from the folder wavefiles.   


Unfortunately It says at the case 2 is saying the error below I don't understand according to the Manuals, it says i need to set polarity, trigger and input and output voltage parameter. now it says out off range. 



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