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Screen capture of Tektronix MSO4104B using LabVIEW

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I have been looking for help on how to save a PNG from a scope through LAN and this topic is perfect!  Thank you.  Well, almost perfect.  I am using LabVIEW 2010 and I am unable to open the uploaded VI.  Could some please convert it so that I can use it?  Thanks.

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Thank you nyc and crossrulz.

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I was able to recieve a converted copy of the VI.  Using it, I was able to generate either a PNG or a BMP image file but when I try to open the image (windows 7) i am informed that the image is corrupt.  I get the same response for both image formats (PNG and BMP).  I saved a PNG screenshot to a USB stick on the Agilent scope (MSO-X 3014A) at its size is ~ 21k.  The PNG image file generated by the VI is also approximately the same size.  I am using LabVIEW 2010 and  I would greatly appreciate if you guys could take a look at the attached VI and see if you see any problems.  It is very similair to the latest VI posted in this topic.  I have updated the firmware in the scope, which was a recomendation I found in a different forum (  Thank you so much in advance for any help.


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I think I ran into the same issue about a year ago. If I recall correctly, there is a boolean input to the VI to include a header or something...? Try toggling it to the opposite value. I think I discovered that it should NOT have the header included.


If that doesn't fix it, I'll dig into it a little deeper.

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Thank you R. Gibson.  You're correct, the "Write to Binary FIle" VI does have a Boolean input for "prepend array or string".  I have tried both T and F, and both resulted in a corrupt image file.  I would appreciate any help you can offer, it's frustrating being so close and not getting it to work.


P.S.  I should also add that I tried different values for "byte order" also for the "Write to Binary FIle" VI, and the image file was corrupt for both settings.

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Did you typo earlier when you said that you are using an Agilent scope? If so, then the command set would be completely different...


If you are using a Tek scope, then I think my advice to you would be the same that was given to me a year or so ago, which was to call Tek tech support. They were very helpful, especially if you can give them a leg up on what you are currently doing, per this thread. I had to start from scratch!

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Sorry that this is an old thread, but it's exactly relevant to what I want to do.


Instead of saving the captured image to a file, I want to display it as an image. How do I get from VISA read to a 2D picture indicator?


I know I could save the image in a temp file and then open it, but it feels messy.


Many thanks,


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I think you are best off just saving the png file.  In my experience, you will want the scope capture saved anyways.  I almost guarantee that somebody will want to see it.

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To me, what is messy is using the slow screen capture function of the scope when presumably, you already have the waveforms displayed in a LabVIEW graph.

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For this application, the user just wants to capture a copy of what is on the scope screen for record-keeping, hence I don't really want to go to all the trouble of trying to replicate what the screen looks like in LabVIEW by reading all the individual parameters. 

If it's not easy to get from VISA read to a 2D picture indicator, then I'll use a temp file. I just thought I might have missed an easy way of doing it.


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