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Read async serial data at 460800bps to file with Meas & Automation

I need to collect high-speed serial port data with a third party utility to confirm the presence of a bug in the embedded code of a device.  There is no hand-shaking so I've just got to swallow the bits as fast as they come out of the device which is 460800 bps.  I've spent several hours trying to get VISA in the Measurement & Automation application to do this and have had some success.  The default max queue length is 50 and I've been able to bump that up to 65535 but that is not nearly enough.  I need at least 1 Mbyte of continuous uninterrupted data.  If I enable the append file option I can click "Execute" repeatedly and collect more data but that is cheesy and I invariably end up loosing some data.  Please advise.
Thanks in advance,
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Hi Jonathan,

MAX is not ment for collecting data. If you make a (Labview) program you easely collect large amount of data.

I use a RS-485 interface whit a baudrate of 250k to monitor a interface and collect 20M of data without any problem.

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