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RS232 to ethernet TCPIP adapter

I have a lab with a number of Thor Labs shutter controllers. These controllers have remote control capability with RS232. I plan to write a simple Labview VI to operate the shutter controller from a remote PC. Do do this, I need/want an RS232 to TCPIP adapter. I have tried looking at the current NI products and don't see exactly what I want. Ideally, I don't really want a plugin module for a chassis like PXI. I would prefer a standalone module that would adapt the controller RS232 port to our network. I see a lot of such product if i do a Google search. I could use some recommendations for a high quality product. Open to an NI product if they have one. I saw some posts about a product known as ENET-232-2 but it does not seem to be a current product.

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something like this

Just maybe a brand that is well known and "tried and true"

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