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PXIe-8398 fiber compatible?

I have a PCIe/PXIe - 8398 system for which my 3m MXI cable is too short. Is there a Fiber cable assembly that I can purchase for these cards?

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I guess no, you need to buy a MXI card that support fiber optic.


Instead I would recommend getting a embedded controller, connect the controller over network as far as you need. Just you need to develop another application that runs on the controller to interact over network.

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The PCIe/PXIe-8398 does support fiber optic cables. You may need to update the firmware for older hardware revisions.


The 8398 fiber cable part numbers are the following:


788302-10 (10m cable)

788302-30 (30m cable)

788302-100 (100m cable)

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Something to keep in mind is that these cables only link at x4 and cannot be combined to form a x8 or x16, so there may be reduced data throughput on the system.

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Where in the documentation does it say that the PCIe/PXIe-8398 support fiber optic cables? The PCIe/PXIe-8375 ARE fiber-optic compatible and state as much in the title of the Manual (Fiber-Optic MXI-Express x4 for PXI Express Series User Manual and Specifications)

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Hi BrantZ, support for fiber cables for PXIe-839x was added recently 2023 to enable long distance mxi connections because our Gen 2 fiber solution went end of life (PXIe-838x). This information is unfortunately not included in the original 839x documentation.

Andreas Gareis
Senior Applications Engineer, NI
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