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PXIe-2738 resource name missing


We are now using the PXIe-2738 switching matrix. Using the NI Switch Soft Front Panel, the system works well. However, we also want to control the switching matrix using Python using the NI Switch Python API.

In order to connect to the instrument, we need to input the VISA resource name, but that is not present in NI Max. The instrument does show up in NI Max and we are able to control it with LabVIEW, but we don't see any VISA resource name listed for the instrument (see screenshot)




For other elements (e.g. PXIe-6361) the resource name is there (see screenshot)



How can we find the resource name of PXIe-2738?




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If you're using NI SWITCH drivers in python, you've to use the PXI Alias and not the VISA reference, in your case, you've to use "Horse" to open a session.

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