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PMC GPIB device IDs different on different cards

Hello -

I have two PMC Gpib boards that have a device ID of c831.  We just received a third PMC Gpib board that I found has a device ID of c801.  Are there multiple models of NI PMC Gpib cards?  It seems like this PMC Gpib board has the device ID of a PCI GPIB board, but this board is definitely a PMC form factor board.  We need to have the same software run on all three boards and would not like to recompile the DDK drivers just because the device ID is different.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the device ID is different and if it can be changed?  Thanks!!

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Jonathan, can you post the part numbers of the three boards in question? The part number should be on a label somewhere on the board, and it begins with 184021. There should be a letter and two more numbers following 184021.

0xC801 is the PCI device ID for the PCI-GPIB as you stated. I thought that the DDK supported both the PMC and PCI (as well as PXI and a few others). Does it not recognize the PMC-GPIB with the device ID of 0xC801?

To answer you last question, yes the PCI device ID can be changed. First we need to establish which version of the PMC-GPIB you have and that will be indicated by the part number.
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Thanks for responding!  The part number on all three boards is 184021F-01.  We've found that the DDK does support boards with both device ID's: 0xC801 and 0xC831 (and probably other device IDs).  The only trouble is in nipci_hw.h (in the DDK) there is a PCI_NI_DEVICE_ID #define that must match the actual device ID of the GPIB board that you are using.  We're trying to run the same software on all three setups and avoid having to recompile our software for the third setup just to change that device ID constant.  I'm hoping we can just change the device ID and be able to avoid the recompile. 



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Can you post the serial number of the PMC-GPIB with the 0xC801 PCI device ID, as it appears on the label on the card? Also, does the DDK provide programmatic access to the serial number? If so, can you post that serial number if it is different?

Do you have the capability to use this card in a system with a recent Windows operating system? We do have a utility to fix the PCI device ID but it only runs under Windows.
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The only other number on the board, which I'm assuming is the serial number is: 10F2C4C.  As far as obtaining the serial number via the DDK, I'm sure there's a way, but I have not been able to delve into the DDK that deep yet - another engineer actually did most of the DDK work for us.  And, unfortunately we don't have the capability to run the GPIB board under Windows - it's in a VME chassis running VxWorks right now.  So I guess that eliminates the possibilty of changing the device ID, but I'm still interested as to why the device ID is different on cards with the same part number?  Shouldn't a card with that part number (184021F-01) have a device ID of 0xC831?

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Hi RkyMtnEng,

There is no reason that this device should have this device id programmed into it.  To resolve your problem you will need to send your board back to NI to have it reprogrammed.  Go ahead and generate a phone support request at and arrange with the engineer to have the board sent back for repair.  You can tell the engineer that you have already worked with me through the forums, in order to bypass any troubleshooting the engineer may want to perform, just make sure they know the problem description is the incorrectly programmed device id.


Jason S.
National Instruments

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