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PID control using RS485 interfacing with USB 6008 for temperature monitor


Hi Everybody,

              Here i need some answers for RS485 communication with USB 6008 for temperature PID controller,First my question is , is it possible to connect RS485 communication protocol with usb 6008? and my second question is ,with the max 485 transreceiver module(USB type), is it possible to connect the usb 6008, sorry if i ask any unusual questions because i have a three temperature control device which it has an option to communicate through the RS485 port, i want to know, whether i can go with the USB 6008 or any other microcontroller like arduino, teensy?, i knew arduino or teensy has a serial communication port which it can be connected to the max 485 transreceiver module for RS485 communication, but i want some suggestions from my seniors.


Thank you,



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