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As I know, PCMCIA-GPIB driver support for Win 7 is discontinued and any drivers are available now. But anyway, I know there is an option to make this device work on win7, because I have done it for Windows 7 32 bit and it works perfectly on this system. Now I want to make it work on new Win 7 64 bit system, however, no success.

Is there a way to copy the working driver from Win 7 32 bit to Win 7 64 bit? I have already found a driver file on the older system, wich is used to work with device (C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ni488k.sys) and tried to copy it to a same directory on other computer (backed up original), but system still can not recognise the device. Any other options you can advice me?


Would be great to hear any advices, thank you!

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Hello Fyfkin,


Thanks for posting at NI Forums. It’s true; the driver for the PCMCIA-GPIB is discontinued for Windows 7. I’m afraid that the result of installing this driver in a Windows 7 computer is undetermined, it can work and it cannot. It is intended for use with 32-bit operating systems; maybe that’s why it worked in the 32 bit OS. I can’t advice on how to use this driver in 64 bit Windows 7 since it is not supported, but you could check if it appears in the Device Manager and try to match manually the driver.


Best Regards,


Alina M

Applications Engineering

National Instruments 

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Hi, Alina


Do we have a plan to develop the driver of PCMCIA-GPIB for win7 64 bit?




Tong Liu

AE NI China

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