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PCI Profibus board and Comsoft drivers

We have had an NI PCI Profibus board running under a LabVIEW 2013 compiled application for several years with no problems.

Upgrading to LVRTE2015 and NIDAQ17.1.1f0 so that we can support the project remotely, we now can't get the board to be recognised, either by NI-MAX or Windows device manager. Device manager reports an unknown PCI device with no drivers installed (code 28). The Profibus Visa Driver Version 1.37.5 made no difference.

Connecting to the NI update service, we installed PXI platform services patch 2018 Q! 17.5.1 and LVRTE 2015 SP1 f10 patch. Upon restarting the PC, an NI-VISA driver wizard started automatically, which we have never seen before, requiring information such as card manufacturer, model number etc. in order to create an INF file. I have no idea where to find this information.

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Thank you for posting this question. I would like to check up on this post since no one in the community has gotten back to you yet.  


I strongly suspect you have installed software that is no longer compatible with your hardware. Could you please double check this? The creation of the INF file is not something I have seen before, and I do not think this should be necessary for you to communicate with this card.


Best regards,


Applications Engineer

National Instruments 

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We have DF Profi II DP LabVIEW VISA Driver V1.37.5 loaded.

With this, we can see and configure the Comsoft PCI card.

Using NI MAX we can see the card but the I/O trace function fails.

Error messsage C:\program files\IVI Foundation\IVI\Bin\nidcpower_32.dll

API: NI I\O Trace unable to locate system DLL

When we try to run the compiled LabVIEW application, it appears not to recognise the board at all. No response. I suspect a problem with the IVI but can't be more specific.

The job was originally developed under LV13 and worked fine. It was updated recently to LV15 and NIDAQ17.1.1 in order to allow us to support it from a distance, with minor changes etc. but now doesn't work.

No idea where to go next.

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Searched the IVI foundation website for the named DLL. Not there!

Can anyone point me towards some help for the VISA Test Panel? I need a simple method for testing whether the Profibus network is operating.


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Hi Chris,


From your first post it sounds like the driver might not be correctly associated with the hardware in Device Manager. You could try the steps in this article.

Andrew T.
"His job is to shed light, and not to master" - Robert Hunter
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