Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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I am using a PCI-GPIB to Communicate with my spectrum analyzer is there a way to get a screen shot of what I’m seeing on my spectrum analyzer into my labview program or maybe a separate file?

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Perhaps. Have you read the instrument manual? That information would be in there. Commands to capture the screen and transfer it are always instrument specific and are not at all related to your subject. You have not even provided the make and model of the instrument so how can anyone really help?
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Oh sorry I forgot to add that in my Instrument is a Agilent E4440A Spectrum Analyzer. and an Agilent E4418B power meter. Thanks.
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Also i have seach through the manual to try to find a command but all i found was a Measure, Read, and Fetch. And none of those commands would do what im trying to do.
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Have you tried asking Agilent?

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You need to use the :MMEMSmiley FrustratedTOR command to store the screen image to file. This will save it to the PSA's internal hard disk.


Example::MMEMSmiley FrustratedTORSmiley FrustratedCR "C:\TEMP.GIF"


Then, to get it to your PC you would query the memory. E.G.: :MMEMSmiley Very HappyATA? "C:\TEMP.GIF"


The manual has information on the format of the data that is returned from the DATA? command. 

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Thank you very much I appreciate that I will try it. Thanks
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