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PCI-GPIB not properly detected

Using a PCI-GPIB P/N 778032-01 under Windows 2000 Pro and the Windows Device Manager detect8d 8 PCI-GPIB devices (one for function 0 ~ function 7) when there is only one GPIB card installed. What is causing this? How can I make Windows detect only devices? Measurement Explorer gives an error that the interface is not properly installed.
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install the DAQmx8.6 device driver, and unplug the enthernet cable if any .
you will be ablel to see your PCI-GPIB in the MAX.
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DAQmx and Ethernet have nothing to do with a PCI-GPIB card. What do you base your suggestion on? I wish I had an idea for the op but I'm convinced that installing DAQmx will not fix the poroblem.
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The PC on which the PCI-GPIB was installed has configuration management that detects in what slots each of the instrument devices should be plugged in. The person who installed these devices arbitrarily assign the slots and, therefore, the system erroneously detected the GPIB card as a PCI-1553 card. Re-installing the cards in the computer in the right order and at the right sequence correctly established for Windows Plug-N-Play detection mechanism. Device Manager and MAX work as it should be.
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Howdy ortsac,

It sounds like you should verify that you have the NI-488.2 driver installed for your PCI-GPIB interface. You can find the most recent version, 2.5, of NI-488.2 here. This will work with PCI-GPIB under Windows 2000 Pro.

If installing the most recent version of NI-488.2 does not fix the issue, please feel free to post back here (including a screenshot of the Device Manager, too, if possible), and we'd be happy to explore other options.

Edit: Thank you for the update. I'm glad to hear you've got it working now!

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