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Override VI_ERROR_NLISTENERS error and continue

I'm using an old piece of hardware that has an extremely simple GBIB interface. I am able to communicate with the device but my program returns an error and kicks me out of the program. The python code is simple...


start code


import visa
scanner = visa.instrument("GPIB::25")
scanner.write('A00') #Clears Scanner


end code


Im using python 2.6 and the pyvisa module. I get kicked back to the command line with the no listeners error 




I have made every effort to find a why to override this error but with no luck.


Any help would be appreciated. Again this is python code talking to NIVISA and not Labview, so I would like to find a native python type solution.


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Hi jharben,


How are you currently able to communicate with the device? The error code is usually associated with using the wrong address. Check to make sure that 25 is the correct PAD of the hardware.


Hope this helps!

Chris T.
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I can communicate with the instrument on channel 25, the problem is that the GBIB board on the instrument was broken.


It accepted the command and executed but did not properly talk back to the bus and tell it that it was done thus the error( ie pin 7 remained at 3V). I swapped out the GBIB card in the instrument and everything works perfectly. Thanks for your help.

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