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Operating issues with calibrator Fluke 5720A



I'm using a usb-gpib-hs to communicate with a Fluke 5720A through a self written code with pyVisa. I'm having trouble when i try to apply voltages above 22V, i'm able to put the voltage value in the calibrator, but i can't apply the operate command, the operate command takes the equipament off the standby mode.

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Have You tried to configure IVI drivers ?  Or I'll suggest  to check the DLL driver for Your Fluke device.  


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Well, you can configure a max voltage, at least for the 5700, so I assume same for the 5720. Maybe it's set in your gear?


I usually set this value while programming and working with DUTs that don't like 1kV 😉    that magic white smoke is usually hard to get back into them 😄

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Thank you for the replies.


I found out there's a configuration that inhibits the "OPER" command when some kind of flags are marked, the solution is simply clear the flag counter and go on.



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