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Omega HH506RA datalogger thermometer serial com commands?

Does anyone know the list of commands for talking to this kit through a serial port or a location I could find them on the net? I could not find them on the manufactureres website and they're not in the manual either. Any help would be much appreciated.
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I have had a look for you but have been unable to find any details. I would suggest contacting omega direct.
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Thanks for looking Rich. I managed to track down the protocols from someone who had written a Matlab driver. My own driver is now up and running. Please find the protocols attached to this post.
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Hi James,

                 I give a look to your .doc protocole, I tried, but I can't talk with my instrument. (HH506RA) It responses some specials caracteres. I only want to read the temperature, could you explain me what is the command, and what will look like the answer...


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Hi all,

  For many of us who are searching the protocol for the Omega HH506RA,...
Here a VI within the command "Read Temp"
This is a good beginning for you...( This is better than the actual MathLab script)
Regards and thanks for James and his protocol

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first of all thank you for the code it's in fact a very good beginning!

But I need to measure temperature over long period of time using Timed Loop and it seems to give random error. The code works fine and then suddently fail (Error 85 from the Scan from string function). Like I said it seems to be random but I'm new in LabVIEW and I might have done something wrong!


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Hi oldut1,

                 I suppose you’re using my code, I'm very happy it can help you. The problem comes from a sub VI that uses a scan from string... My application works only for positive temperature, and maybe the scan do not recognized de minus sign (-)...

This problem is easily solvable, just open up the subvi who makes the error, and change it to fit with your application...

I thing that I already make this change, but I didn't post it again,...let me more time, and I'll check it for you,... my last driver is more accurate...I thing...

But nevertheless, we do not use Omega now, because many trouble occurs during the calibration and Omega was unable to help us, I'm working with Chemists, and I can let them a system that can crash every time, without a solid technical support...In this case, we change for Eurotherm, who makes their proof in the past... In addition, national instrument have a driver for the 2404...

I'll check it for my old driver, but it is possible that it is not finished.

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Hi FakStory,
the problem seems to come from the first VISA-Read. Sometimes I get the error code -1073807339 (VISA:  (Hex 0xBFFF0015) Timeout expired before operation completed) and the program stop.
Even if I don't have error, there's a warning : (VISA:  (Hex 0x3FFF0006) The number of bytes transferred is equal to the requested input count. More data might be available.) I tried to change the bytes count to 16 but it doesn't seem to work better...
Since even if the program miss a data it's ok for me, is there a way to have a condition like :
if an error occurs, skip the loop and still continu with the next one ?
(I have to measure temperature for 2-3 days one point by hour so I can miss a point sometimes but it must complete its run!)
thanks for your quick reply!
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     I took a look to my old VI, and I have something better for you....

Here, you'll find a library NI style, that I tried to make before I gave up the project...Maybe some VI are unusable, just delete it, As I said, we do not use it actually.

Try this, use the example, and you have a good chance to solve the problem, or maybe, the problem is already solved.
I know exactly what is it; this is the number of bits you read, that doesn't match the number of bits sent.

Try this, I'll be back..


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hum, ...sorry, this is the driver for an omega temp controler... Sorry,  the  first one is ok...

try this one...again, some VI can be unusable...

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