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Ni 488.2 connection error in Windows 7 LabVIEW: Error connecting to GPIB driver or device.

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I am using a SpinCore PulseBlaster LabVIEW Extensions

It gives me the message below,


Error 0 occurred at an unidentified location

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: Error connecting to GPIB driver or device. The NI-488.2 driver may not be installed.
NI-488: Error connecting to driver or device. The NI-488.2 driver may not be installed.
VISA: (Hex 0x0) Operation completed successfully.




In the past, maybe before some updating, it works quite well. I uninstalled and reinstalled it again both the NI 488.2.15.0 and SpinCore PulseBlaster driver, the problem is still there, it still gives the same error messages. I have checked the SpinCore PulseBlaster Card, PCI interface installed, the card install has no problem, use their original C code can generate pulse sequences. 

Can anyone help me with this issue?  Thanks a lot!


Dewen Duan

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You need to check whether their standalone LabVIEW executable works or not.



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Thank you, I tried, use their  User Interfaces with LabVIEW Runtime Engine also gives the same error message. 

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Have you contacted them?


Did you upgrade or change something?

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I contacted the Spincore support, they say their engineer is not available now, they asked me to check the DLL file path and need to use the c calling convention, I checked there is no problem for DLL calling.

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Did it work before?

If so, what changed?  You wrote that you updated "something".



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Yes, it works properly before. I guess when the LabVIEW asked me to update something and I updated it. I do not know exactly I changed anything. And now I already installed their latest version of the driver, it still gives the same error. I also have doubted that the Spincore Card is loose, but I checked with the PulseBlaster Interpreter, it gives the right output without any error message. Thus the problem should come from the NI 488 or the LabView. Now I used labview 2015 32bit  and NI 488.2.15.0.  But the question is that I used it to reading/control other devices such as Lock-In Amplifier, Spectrometer, it works fine.

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Accepted by topic author Dewen99

If you upgraded to LabVIEW 2015 that could be your problem.


If you upgraded NI 488.2, uninstall the new version and install the version you had before.

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 Hi, How you resolved the error?

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For data acquisition of accelerometer ADXL345 sensor data  we used Arduino UNO board,to read data from Arduino to LABview I have installed NI VISA 18.0 and NI 488.2 17.6 drivers for interfacing. But still I am getting the same error in a dialog box that (NI 488.2 driver may not be installed). I am working on Windows 7 Operating system and LABview version 2016.

How could i resolve the error.  

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