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NI Visa Communication with MSO 5 Series is strange.

Hello .


I'm trying to communication of my oscilloscope (MSO 5 Series) with C#.


Oscilloscope Firmware is  V1.32.1 realesed 09 Feb 2021.


Socket communication and LAN communication are registered in Ni-Max.


I send and receive data through the oscilloscope and LAN communication.


An time out error occurs several hours after a test to load waveform data into the scope every 0.2 seconds.


When you remove and reconnect a registered module from NI Max, LAN communication fails with an error 0xBFFF003C (Insufficient system resources to perform security memory allocation).


There are three ways I tried.

1. LAN Reset in oscilloscope.

2. Self Test in oscilloscope.

3. Restart the computer that is communicating with the oscilloscope.


The only solution to this situation is to restart the Oscilloscope.


The NI-MAX is also connected to socket communication and commands operate normally on the oscilloscope after sending commands, but a timeout message occurs when commands are received.


I think the oscilloscope does not change from listener mode to talker mode.


Is there any way to change it to Listener Mode programmatically?

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