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NI Visa C# Libraries

Is there a version of the libraries that work with .Net Core?  The dlls and example code are all in .NetFramework.  I tried to add them (Ivi.Visa.dll and NationalInstruments.Visa.dll) as assemblies in my .NET Core project and the ResourceManager class works fine for finding resources.  Once I try to get a MessageBasedSession though, I get an System.IO.FileNotFoundException - Could not load file or assembly NationalInsturments.Common, Version= Culture=neutral  The system cannot find the file specified

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You may want to look here:


It's basically a .Net Interop library for the C DLL of NI VISA (which I suppose is the VISA .Net Framework also, but precompiled as .Net Framework library so not compatible with .Net Core).

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Will give this a look.  Thank you!

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I ended up converting the project to .Net Framework.

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Hi, did you trying the latest NI-VISA 2023 - Q4 to see if this fixed the issue?

We are desperate to move to .NET 6 or probably 8 now

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I had to redirect my focus to other projects for the past few months.  I will be picking this project back up in January more than likely.  I will grab the latest version of NI-VISA and and post my findings here.  My life would have been much easier if I could have used .Net Core over Framework for sure, so I feel your pain.

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