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NI-VISA driver wizard and SCPI command

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I had a go with a NI-VISA driver wizard. I wanted to create a driver for MH3114 DAQ. Wizard went trough very smoothly, and the driver has been installed.


However when I did *IDN? under MAX I've received an error.


Does it mean I have to create/implement any SCPI command? 


How the wizard is intened to work?

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The wizard creates a framework for an instrument that uses SCPI. If your instrument is not based on a 488.2 standard and does not use SCPI, then you will have to modify the wizard creates driver more than usual. It is just silly to do an IDN? query of the command is not listed in the manual.
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IDN? was the first command I had a go

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Why? Is it actually listed in the programming manual for the instrument? You just can't make these things up. Provide the manual.
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No it is not listed. There is no SCPI command for this hardware.


I thought I can create them with the wizard

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The wizard will create VIs that use some of the typical SCPI commands. It does not create the commands on the instrument. The only one who can modify the firmware of the instrument is the vendor.

You don't have to use SCPI. You use whatever commands are actually implemented.
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Usually, I call dll directly if I'd like to talk to the device. How I can trigger the dll function using SCPI?

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I have no idea what you are asking. I don't think you have a basic understanding of SCPI. For further help, do some basic research of the instrument and it's programming manual. Attach the manual if you want help here.
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Accepted by topic author MimiKLM

Hi MimiKL,


As Dennis has said, instruments are either designed to work with SCPI commands or not. If the user manual does not state the device is SCPI compliant then SCPI commands aren't going to work.


All the driver wizard does is generate a number of VIs which will send the standard SCPI commands to an SCPI compliant instrument. Depending on how you are communicating with the instrument (which bus) you may need to modify these VIs subtly to work with different instruments. But, as mentioned, if the device you are trying to communicate with isn't SCPI compliant then this is never going to work. For future reference, when using the driver wizard, all of the generated subVIs will have comments in them telling you exactly what you need to replace and change to get the driver working for your instrument.


If your device isn't SCPI compliant and you have a dll which works then you should continue using it.


Best Regards,



National Instruments - Tech Support
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