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NI-VISA Server: assign 2 GPIB boards to different clients with priviledges



I'm building up an instrument server to use in our research lab, and the idea is to have two gpib boards on this server that will be shared on a LAN with NI-VISA Server. One GPIB board (let's say GPIB0) will be connected to all the instruments we use in our daily measurements routine, while the other one (GPIB1) is going to be used to test new programs, train students etc. and will be connected to instruments that are not commonly used. Obviously we would like to have a main measurement client capable of accessing both GPIB0 and GPIB1 boards, while limiting access to GPIB1 for all the other clients (mainly students PCs). Is it possible to do such a thing with NI-VISA Server?

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Hi. Here you can see how to configure your instrument with GPIB. 

It shows all possible configurations for connection. 

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