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NI-VISA 5.0 GPIB board not detected




I have a long recurring problem with nivisa 5.0 on linux machine w/ kernel 2.6.32-21. I succeeded to compile (see my post but the GPIB board is not detected.


First check that all the modules are incorporated in the Kernel

>lsmod | grep ni

>nipalk               1220783  3 NiViPciK

>nikal                  57338  1 nipalk


In python if I try to look up at the instruments through pyvisa

In[1]: import visa

In [2]: visa.get_instruments_list()

Out[2]: ['ASRL1']

Here is the visa version used:

Information from the binary package:


Name        : nivisa                       Relocations: (not relocatable)

Version     : 5.0.0                             Vendor: National Instruments Corporation

Release     : f0                            Build Date: jeu. 24 juin 2010 21:52:54 CEST

Install Date: (not installed)               Build Host:

Group       : Applications/Engineering      Source RPM: nivisa-5.0.0-f0.src.rpm

Size        : 8169681                          License: Copyright (c) 2002-2010 National Instruments Corporation. All Rights 



On older machine w/ kernel 2.6.15-29


Name        : nivisa                       Relocations: (not relocatable)

Version     : 4.2.0                             Vendor: National Instruments Corporation

Release     : f1                            Build Date: ven 20 jui 2007 03:19:44 CEST

Install Date: (not installed)               Build Host:

Group       : Applications/Engineering      Source RPM: nivisa-4.2.0-f1.src.rpm

Size        : 3274924                          License: Copyright (c) 2002-2007 National Ins

truments Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Signature   : (none)

Packager    : National Instruments Corporation

URL         :

Summary     : NI-VISA Runtime Engine -- Abtraction layer for access to NI-488, PCI/PXI, USB,

 TCP/IP, VXI and Serial resources

Description :




In [2]: visa.get_instruments_list()

Out[2]: ['GPIB0::8']


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Hello mtblanc,


Thank you for posting on NI forums.


To make things a little more clear, which kind of module/hardware do you want to use ?

If it is supported by NI-488.2, you may want to check this out : GPIB on Ubuntu.



Eric M. - Senior Software Engineer
Certified LabVIEW Architect - Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer - Certified LabWindows™/CVI Developer
Neosoft Technologies inc.

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It looks to me like you have installed NI-VISA, but you have not installed the NI-488.2 driver. Both are required for GPIB communication through NI-VISA to function.


-Jason S.

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Dear Jason,


Yes I know the tutorial -actually I am the author of this tutorial, as well as more recent ones (DOC-13584)-. My problem is with recent version of nivisa(5.0)/ubuntu. It seems that the gpib card is not detected. There seems to be other post about it.

I was wondering what could be done to check the origin of the problem?

I shall mention that the mentioned conflict with gpib_common (thread above) is not, in my modest opinion, the real source of the problem. It should work and it has worked.

Installed nivisa5.0, kernel 2.6.32-21, gpib-linux 3.2.15





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For info here is the log file:


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