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NI-Scope Soft Front Panel trigger turn off

NI-Scope Soft Front Panel trigger turn off

Hello, I'm using a Ni 5122 high speed digitizer with the Ni-Scope Soft front panel. Is there a way to completly turn off the trigger? If I use "Immediate Triggers", the soft front panel acquires data for certain TIME/Divs-configurations... but if I increase the seconds per div.... the programm seems to wait for an trigger pulse? and no evolution of a for example wave is displayed Thanks
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Re: NI-Scope Soft Front Panel trigger turn off

Hi, we´ve tested the Scope SoftFrontpanel and found that, in immediate mode, only if the ref-position is being altered, the data acquisition will stop,

which is ok, because you´d like to move within a acquired buffer of values and don´t need new ones. When the ref-position is set back to zero, the scope will trigger again and take samples.


best regards


Marco Brauner NIG

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