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NI PXIe devices cannot be detected

Hello, I am 1-year-user of NI instrument. I am using NI PXIe-1062Q. I have some problems with several NI PXI devices installed on this NI PXIe1062Q. My devices are:

1. NI PXIe-8115

2. NI PXI-4071

3. NI PXIe-6556

4. -

5. NI PXI-5922

6. NI PXI-4132

7. NI PXI-6541

8. NI PXI-6602

As attached in the pictures, only the NI PXIe-6556 are detected and the green LED is on. But the other devices are not detected and their green LEDs are off. 

I have used these NI PXI-4071 and NI PXI-5922 before for measurement and they worked well. Several days ago I replaced NI PXIe-6556 with NI switch NI PXIe 2527, and the new device are detected.

But after I want to use other devices again, I found that other devices cannot be detected.

Could anybody help me to solve this problem?

Thank you before

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Hello bilox,


This is certainly strange and unexpected, so let's see what other information we can dig up about your system to identify the root cause of this issue, as there could be many different possibilities to sort through.


The first thing NI support will typically ask from you is a MAX report that details the system software and the hardware as reported by MAX. You can find out how to generate the report here: Using MAX Technical Report to Document Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) Configuration Informa...


Besides this, I'll go through a checklist of items to help narrow down the reason for this issue.

  • Check your device manager to see if the instruments not detected by MAX are identified by your OS. If so, it could indicate MAX is not appropriately displaying your instruments. You can also check here if the system is identifying the devices and their appropriate device drivers correctly.
  • Speaking to device drivers, are they up to date for the OS you are using? The version of MAX? Are you coming off an image or a clean machine that used to have device drivers on it? Did you uninstall any SW lately? The device drivers are required to identify SW in your machine.
  • If you remove all the HW in your chassis and add each instrument one at a time, are they detected? This takes some time, so if it were me, I'd remove the 6556 to see if any other instrument is detected. If so, then take those results and mix/match to try and identify if a particular instrument is causing the behavior.
  • If you have a spare chassis, try changing it out to see if the issue follows the chassis, the controller, or the instrument.

Hopefully, this provides enough information to continue troubleshooting and finding the answer to the issue. If you need more online resources, you may always visit and for more help online. If you continue having issues, you may want to email/call one of our Application Engineers to assist you with further troubleshooting steps for your system.


Thank you for the follow up information.

Kyle A.
National Instruments
Senior Applications Engineer
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Hello Kyle,

Sorry for late reply, I just have so many things to do in Laboratory.


Oke, I will give the MAX report file to you. I will also do your recommendation to check the device drivers of my OS, and try to remove the 6556 devices. But the second recommendation is a little bit hard,because it's still be used by my labmates to do his theses. It will take a long time to do as you said.


So, thank you so much your kindly reply to my question, hope it will ease my problem and give solution to this instruments.

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