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NI-Max with KUSB-488B Not Showing The GPIB Devices

I would like to describe the problem and steps made ​​to try to fix the problem without success.
I using Keithley KUSB-488B Device. We installed the latest version of the existing site  - KI-488_Driver_Version_3.12.1.
My operating system: Win 7, 64bit. 
installed KI-488_v3.12.1\NI Command Compatible Driver. Because I want to use the system interfaces with the software labview.
The Problem: Ni - Max - Not showing the GPIB Devices and 
Screen shot of Ni - Max software:
According to Ni-Visa > Visa Interactive Control: can see the GPIB instrument Resources. When you move the mouse over one of the devices noted that message: GPIB0 (unknown GPIB board).
According GPIB0::12::INSTR(Keithley 6221 DC and AC Current Source) option: can sending and receiving data via Input/Output Option, work fine.
According Keithley GPIB Configuration Utility can see GPIB Devices.
According Control Panel > System > Device Manager: have Keithley KUSB-488B.
According Keithley 622x LV 2009 Labview Project(driver for device) downloaded from
The error message i received: Error -1073807343 occurred at VISA Open in Keithley>Keithley 622x.lvlib:KE622x -- Setup DC Current Source
the same project when i tryed to run using NI GPIB-USB-HS (when i installed his driver) work fine without any error and can see the GPIB Device in NI Max.
I tryed follow that guide:
I would do the following:
Check your c:\windows\system32\gpib32.dll file properties and see what the company and file version is....if National Instruments, for instance, then that would explain your problem.
In all events, try the following: 
1. Uninstall NI-488.2 (if present). Usually this comes along when you installed NI-VISA.
To check and remove go to control panel -> add/remove programs
Look under National Instruments Software, click on change/remove and look for NI-488.2.
If present, please uninstall it.
2. Uninstall any Keithley KUSB-488A & KUSB-488B drivers
3. Remove any gpib-32.dll files from c:\windows\system32\ folder
4. Reboot system
5. Download and install the latest KUSB-488A or KUSB-488B driver from Keithley's website which is appropriate for your hardware. It is possible you have older drivers. ...btw...which device do you have??
6. After driver is installed, connect your KUSB interface and allow the device to be reconized.
If successful, the device should appear in your control panel -> system -> device manager listed as a GPIB Interface.
The guide does not solve the problem. 
Asking for your help on the subject in order to solve the problem.
Or El-Maleh, Student Final Project at Ariel University
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can see more command in


I do not understand what problem can occur for several reasons in my opinion:

1) External driver is required link between GPIB that Not created by NI. to install that device in NI Max.

2) Hardware malfunction in  Keithley KUSB-488B.

3) Their driver does not support my particular operating system Notwithstanding the support as advertised.


I'm trying to figure out the source of the problem and repair it so that I can start working on my final project , of course, also published at the company 's competitor .

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Hi OrStudent,


If you haven't already, you should take a look at this forum thread:


One thing to note is that, at least a few years ago, Keithley's driver did not provide support for LabVIEW 64-bit. If you have LabVIEW 32-bit, the Keithley driver, and NI-VISA installed, you should be able to communicate with your device over VISA and instrument drivers.


You should also try what Stuart recommended over on the Tek forums, since he likely has more experiencing interfacing with the KUSB-488B. Please let us know how it goes!

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I have the same problem now. Have you solved this problem? And can you tell me your solution, thank you.
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Rikud (4th post) provides an excellent list of trouble shooting steps for interfacing with this instrument at the forum post below.


KUSB 488B not operating with LabVIEW



From <>


One point to note is that the driver does not appear to be compatible with windows 10.

Anthony M.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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